Vetting Overview

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Common Questions

  1. What are the benefits of being vetted?
  2. How is DeFi Skeptic different?
  3. Why is the price so cheap?
  4. What is the vetting process?

What are the benefits of being vetted?

By having your project vetted by DeFi Skeptic, you are supporting a higher level of transparency, security, and information. This alone is a benefit to the DeFi Space and the current and future users of your project.

In addition to showing the DeFi space that your project is among a higher caliber, projects also receive the following benefits:
  • Added to the Vetted Database and awarded the "DS Vetted" badge.

  • Instantly labelled as "Vetted" in the CroGram mobile app once joined.

  • Instantly labelled as "Vetted" in the MiND Token staking platform once joined.

  • Cross-Community promotion and networking via the "The Vetted Circle".

  • Free usage of community engagement bot that generates volume for your token.

  • Promoted various ways within the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem.

How is DeFi Skeptic different?

First lets establish what “vetted” means. The completion of a contract audit or KYC does not constitute being vetted, these are merely single pieces to a larger puzzle. Any service provider that is vetting your project should be looking at every aspect of your project a providing a deep dive into the Team, Community, Code, Wallets, etc. If they are not, than they are not properly vetting the project. Simply asking the developers a few questions is not vetting a project.

Where other vetting services view their job as done when you have completed the vetting process, we view our job as just beginning. Being vetted by DeFi Skeptic is a “first step” in gaining access to a long and fruitful relationship. We will work with your project in multiple ways to ensure it not only gets exposure but also that it has the necessary elements it needs to be successful long term. Completing our vetting process is the beginning of a relationship not the end.

Why is the price so cheap?

We believe cost should never be a barrier for information and security. DeFi Skeptic vetting is $300 and will always remain low cost for this reason. This service is designed for the DeFi user and the more projects we get vetted, the more information the DeFi user has.

What is the vetting process?

The DeFi Skeptic vetting process is a 5-step process as outlined below and looks at 30+ sub-elements that fall under 7 main elements.
These main elements are Core Team, Community, Purpose/Overview, Smart Contracts, Project Wallets, Pairs/Liquidity, and Pre/Post Launch Details.
  1. Application
    To apply to have your project vetted, please visit the Get Vetted page. Please review the rest of this process so you know what to expect.

  2. Initial Review
    After a project applies, an initial review will be conducted by the DeFi Skeptic team which will look for some basic security and informational components. Before being considered for a vetting interview, projects must meet minimum requirements in addition to requirements specific to the projects current phase. These are stated in the application.

  3. Formal Review
    Based on the initial review, a decision whether or not to proceed forward with a formal interview will be made. If the decision is NOT to proceed forward, reasons will be provided. If the decision Is to proceed forward, an interview will be scheduled upon completion of the vetting fee payment.

  4. Vetting Interview
    An interview will be scheduled with the team. At a minimum any team member who has access to code or funds must be present. All other team members are encouraged to attend. This interview will take roughly 30 to 90 minutes to complete depending on the project and number of members that attend. The goal of this interview is to collect information pertaining to the 30 sub-elements that comprise our grading scale and review processes possible.
    • If the team is KYC verified, the interview can be audio only.

    • If the team is doxed, attendees must use video to verify themselves.

  5. Final Decision
    After the interview is complete and the independent check is conducted, all information gathered will be validated and checked for accuracy. A draft of our report will be given to the team to review before finalizing.

    If the project is "Vetted", than the project is granted full benefits and ongoing support as previously mentioned.

    If the project is “Not Vetted” than the team will be given recommendations on things we would like resolved. Once resolved, the project can return and receive the vetted status at no additional cost.