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One major issue in the DeFi space is how projects are promoted. A very effective way of reaching an audience is by directly speaking to them. However, many of these platforms conduct in unethical practices using “paid” bots to make their customer feel like they are getting more than they really are. Sometimes you may even be scammed and funds stolen. DeFi Skeptic has made an effort to source legitimate promotional platforms who do not conduct in these practices.

Get a full AMA tour from our vetted partners below and pay a single discounted flat rate of 10 BNB, saving you 2 BNB if you sourced them separately. If you do not want the full discounted tour, feel free to contact any of them individually as well! Avoid the over-hyped, over-priced AMA providers and stop paying to speak to bots. Schedule your vetted AMA tour today!

Payment methods accepted are BNB or the equivalent value in BUSD.

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