Tokenized NFTs

We have decided to take things up a notch, no more having to buy both Tokens and NFTs, welcome to Tokenized NFTs! Through the Skeptic Vault, the user can convert back and forth, tax free, between Skeptic Tokens and First Skeptic NFTs. This allows the user to own both by owning one and provides the user with the freedom to decide what aspect they want at that exact time!

Utility Token

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Token Address


The primary purpose of Skeptic Token (SKP) will be to serve the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. SKP will integrate with some of the DeFi Skeptic products and services and be used as a utility token for the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. The total supply is 50,000,000 SKP.

Rewards NFT

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Our First Skeptic NFTs provide the holder with growing rewards that are not token volume reliant and which have multiple revenue streams. These NFTs are a set of 250 with 50 being rare. Rare holders enjoy the base rewards in addition to a monthly raffle!