DS Drops

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This service is currently being beta tested!

The Problem:
There are various platforms that will do airdrops for other projects to grow their holder base and increase their exposure. However, these providers typically charge $1,000+ in addition to the project tokens being airdropped. Additionally, these services often involve a token where the more you hold, the more of the airdrop you get. Naturally this creates a small group of holders that will receive most of the airdrop since they own most of the token. These airdrop recipients have also only paid one time (the initial token purchase) thus any future airdrops they get are instant profit and thus usually get sold off immediately.

The Solution:
DS Drops aims to solve the problems above. We charge no fee, we have no “whales” since user’s purchase 1 of 3 tiers, and since it’s a recurring subscription, the user is incentivized to hold to receive ROI for the subscription.

Introducing DS Drops!

DeFi Skeptic Drops (DS Drops) is a utility within the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. DeFi users can subscribe to a 3-tier service which allows them to get exposure to various projects through promotional airdropping. The subscription will run on quarterly intervals allowing you to decide when you want to receive tokens.

The process is simple:
  1. Connect your wallet.
  2. Select a tier (1-3).
  3. Pay in Skeptic Tokens (SKP).
When a project does a promotional airdrop, announcements will be made on all of our social platforms and the subscriber can claim their tokens!

Tiers will be priced as such:
  1. Tier 1 = Base Price
  2. Tier 2 = Base x2 - 10%
  3. Tier 3 = Base x3 - 20%