Arbitrage as a Service (AaaS)

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Arbitrage as a Service (AaaS) allows any project owner to stabilize the price of their Token across every liquidity pool or decentralized exchange, while earning revenue to build up their ecosystem. Typically, arbitrage revenue is lost to trading bots. With AaaS this revenue can be kept by your team to continuously support your project. This advanced mathematical algorithm will win over 99% of trades, while trading with precise values to yield the maximum profit possible from any price discrepancy.

AaaS is free to sign up, and the bot will automatically forward 85% of all profits generated to a wallet that you specify. All that is required is for our AaaS Smart Contract to be exempt from fees. This is to ensure we have a guarantee to win all arbitrage trades. This guarantee allows us to forego the gas war that arbitrage bots typically endure, and as such, allows us to give 85% of all profit back to your team/ecosystem. All you have to do is let it work its magic!

The minimum liquidity in the lowest pair must be $10,000 or higher for the bot be a viable option.

Benefits of using AaaS

  • Stabilized price across all liquidity pairs.
  • Profit generation for your platform, otherwise lost.

Only have one liquidity pair? Find out why you need more.